celebrating International Women's day

On International Women's Day, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of women worldwide. 

In commemoration of this day, we also acknowledge Michelle, the founder of MISHA, whose journey reflects the resilience, strength and empowerment of female entrepreneurship in business. Discover how Michelle built MISHA as a young female, and has grown the business to what is has become today.

Tell us about the significance of International Women's Day to you?

"For me personally it’s an opportunity to pause and appreciate all the amazing women in my life. It’s a day to consciously recognise and celebrate the achievements accomplished by women internationally and how far the fight for equality has come."

What achievements are you most proud of?

"One of my proudest achievements is having been able to build an environment where women have had the opportunity to excel and grow in their careers. I've had the privilege of witnessing many talented women flourish professionally."

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Tell us who inspires you?

"Theres no one specific person per se, but I’m really inspired by the ambitious go getter.

Specifically women who push themselves out of their comfort zones and embrace a challenge, and at that those who rise from situations of great disadvantage and make a difference."

What challenges did you face in the early stages of building MISHA?

"In the initial phases of establishing MISHA, the most significant challenge I encountered was my very limited experience in running a business and at that one in as challenging a sector as fashion.

One of the greatest challenges within that was that absence of robust leadership guidance. Although this offered me many learnings it required me to invest twice as much time and effort to achieve the level of success I enjoy today. Overcoming this obstacle was a journey of relentless self-education.

It taught me the value of perseverance, resilience, and the importance of surrounding oneself with a team that complements and supports my vision."

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How do you foster a culture of creativity, forward-thinking and innovation within the team?

"By never being complacent and constantly raising the bar, setting new challenges for both myself and my team. Influencing them to push boundaries and develop a strong ‘think outside the box’ mentality."

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In what ways can businesses make a more inclusive world for women, inspired by the theme of International Women's Day, 'Inspire Inclusion'?

"By opening and enabling leadership opportunities to women to further inspire others and in turn promote a culture of inclusivity and diversity."