Meet Carolina, a fashion influencer based in Lima, Peru. Her style is effortlessly minimal, embracing comfy and chic silhouettes in neutral tones. Carolina's look is all about the perfect blend of oversized pieces that exude femininity and effortless style.

A true traveler at heart, Carolina finds joy in exploring new places, immersing herself in diverse cultures, and curating her wardrobe with timeless and unique pieces. 

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How would you describe your personal style and aesthetic?

'Effortless and minimal. Comfy with neutral tones. Oversized yet feminine and sexy. Accessories are key. A style iconic I've always loved is Hailey Bieber. But currently, i am obsessed with the natural and elegant style of Sofia Richie.'

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How do you get into the creative mindset? What is Your favourite way to wind down?

'It is always fluctuating. Most of the time it feels so easy but when i get burnout, or find myself in a creative rut as i like to call it, i tend to escape to nature and just try to be there and absorb it. Be present and forgot about my job, clearing my mind to return with a new perspective.'

'Breathe. I am meditating almost everyday, it helps me to stay in the present and sometimes i do cold showers.'

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Would you consider yourself a homebody or a traveller?

"100% a traveller. People always ask me if i don’t miss the stability of the daily routine, but i love to be in movement. I need to get to know different places, culture and food."

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