Postcards From Japan Campaign

‘Postcards From Japan’ is a celebration of modern design and contemporary elegance.

This collection is a tribute to Japan’s captivating landscape and cityscape, drawing inspiration from the seamless integration of modern architecture, natural landscapes, rich culture and communities.

‘Postcards From Japan’ embodies the harmonious interplay between tradition and design, community, and individuality. Each meticulously crafted piece invites you to elevate your style with a blend of contemporary elegance, entering in a new era for the Misha woman.

Join us in immersing ourselves in the beauty of Japan’s captivating scenery as we translate its modern yet timeless charm into our collection.

Shot on location in Kawagoe, Okutama and Ome, Japan.

Photography - Rob Tennent

Models - Ami Suzuki, Lu Hongfei and Yoshino Bontemps. 

Hair and Makeup - Natsuki Watanabe

Photography Assistants - Conrad Wainwright and Reuben Chapman

Assistant Producer - Kae Kurokawa 

Model infront of vending machine in MISHA Dress
brown jacket infront of silver wall
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