The Carla Edit

Carla Martinez, based in Sydney, is a versatile DJ, creative, and model with a refined taste in music spanning various genres. From vintage American Electro to House and Techno, her DJ sets are a dynamic fusion of pulsing rhythms and abstract compositions.

Since then, she has been dividing her time between Sydney and Melbourne for the past four years, transitioning seamlessly from modelling to DJing. Carla has found a middle ground, curating mixes for fashion brands and events, including Celine, Hermes, Armani, Dior and many more. 


Carla's personal style is a fusion of basics elevated by a perfect pair of shoes, a slouchy bag, and an artful jewellery stack. With a current penchant for artists like MAARA and Von Riu, Carla's go-to playlist mirrors her mood, the weather, and the specific vibe she seeks to embrace. Recognizing  @delfinarodriguezn  as her current style icon


How do you get into the creative mindset? 

Playing music always!!! Or watching videos of artists that inspire me.

What is your favourite way to wind down? 

Light a candle, play rain sounds, listen to music, cook and only use soft/dim lighting!

Three things you can’t leave the home without? 

  • AirPods
  • Lip liner
  • Fragrance

Carla pictured in Marine One Piece Swim Suit in Ivory.


A former dancer of 10 years, she seized the opportunity to teach herself DJing, delving into techno, tech house, and deep house. After honing her skills, Carla played her inaugural gig at 'Super Paradise' in Mykonos, Greece, during her travels in July 2022. Carla considers herself as "a huge homebody generally but travel is something I’ll always say yes to!"