Behind The Lens With Rob Tennent

Australian based photographer Rob Tennent has shot an insider’s guide to our Postcards From Japan Campaign, capturing the uniqueness, the beauty, and the moments for dreaming amongst the street of Tokyo, Japan. 

Discover & learn about Rob, the creator behind the lens of our Postcards From Japan Campaign.

See the campaign here

Where did your journey as a creative begin and how did you get to where you are now?

"I used to model a bit back in New Zealand, and during lockdown I bought a camera and started to take pictures of my friends for different brands, which led me to shoot my friends for a book called ‘I’m Going to Miss You’ which ended up selling out and stocked in a lot of my favourite cities. I then moved to Sydney and just started shooting here!"

How does your personal identity influence your work?

"I think the way I see my subject is what makes it feel special. I’m in awe of humans and their stories, as well as masters of their craft. I love shooting portraits of people and hearing about them. As a queer man I photograph women through a powerful lens, and men through a softer lens. I just do what feels good to me."

How do you stay inspired and creative in your work?

"I am always shooting personal work. I reach out to a lot of people and just collaborate. I also spend a lot of time printing in the darkroom which gives me new ideas every time."

What was your favourite shot location for the MISHA Campaign?

"It's hard to pick to be honest. The shot of Ami walking through the crowd was a pretty hectic shot to get, I think the team can back me up when I say I was almost hit by a bike. I was just walking backwards through the crowd snapping away, so I’d say that one!"

If someone has never been to Japan before, why should they visit?

"It’s beyond beautiful, every corner was beautiful in its own way and the people are extremely friendly. The shopping is also great!"

Best way to spend 24 hours in Japan?

"Once you land, find a store that has free wifi or buy a sim with data, log into your flight centre and extend your trip for at least another 5 days. That’s the best day to spend the first few hours in Japan."